Monday, June 24, 2013

Variations between IDP and BC

Several have previously taken the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test. The IELTS assessment is an English power assessment. People – students and working industry experts – take the challenge of this test to get a certification on English fluency. Individuals who are dreaming to work and study overseas have to take the IELTS exam because it has been a necessity for businesses and educational institutions around the world. Hiring executives and head masters in academic institutions require the IELTS for it is an assurance that the individual they are hiring or accepting in their companies not only are good speakers of the language but also folks who can use the language in its four central parts – reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Delight the Interviewer with IELTS Speaking Education

Being certified as a good English speaker remains easier with the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System assessment. It has been for quite some time now that many Filipinos have already gone training in numerous IELTS Philippines review centers. These hubs are focused in establishing the talents needed by these IELTS individuals. Several review centers are quite costly. This is the very reason why the majority of Filipinos are looking for an IELTS Philippines review hub that has a decent price. Luckily for these individuals, a lot of Filipinos have found facilities which offer IELTS teaching that train strategies and techniques required for the exam. With all the four areas described, the speaking test is the most nerve-racking.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Get the Top Training in an IELTS Review Evaluation

As someone, we all have many things to desire to achieve in our lives. For those professional, they always look for a workplace where they can grow and be prosperous. Everyone has different professions that they choose and they somehow always need to build up and to enhance. With this thought, a growing number of individuals choose to take the chance and acquire work offshore. Working abroad has been very appealing and interesting for working people in terms of pay, career development and the opportunity to work for global firms.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Tasks of the IELTS Listening Test

Do you want to get a world-class training overseas? Do you wish to get a profession that does not only pay well but provide attainable career development? In case you have got a positive response in both questions, it should be time for you to lay your plans and start out working in your applications in another country. Lots of people are becoming curious about finding work offshore and better education and learning in countries like Australia, North America, Canada, and the United States of America. In any application that we prepare in another country, any individuals should complete and get a good score in an English competency evaluation including the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Skilled Workers and the IELTS

Just what is the reason behind Filipinos looking for work far away? Can’t they search for better employment here in our country? Why does it appear so easy for these Filipinos to find employment offshore? There are a lot of questions asked to why there is an rising number of working specialists leaving the country for work in other countries. It is a fact that working for companies in another country gives better earnings, benefits and employment growth. It is why Filipinos are convinced that working offshore is very ensuring.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Working out for the IELTS? Doable with IELTS Review Centers!

Every individual has his or her own goals made in his or her own life. These goals get people to continue to work harder in their lives for them to acquire and accomplish these desires. In accordance with a study conducted in some offices in the Philippines, every worker desires to be working in a foreign country. That is why Filipinos do their best in our country and get the correct quantity of experience just before they make their applications in countries in foreign countries. One example of these necessities that they have to have is to obtain an accreditation on their English competency. This is the reason a lot of Filipinos presently get started with reviewing for the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System. The IELTS give candidates the evidence the candidates desire. Among the four chapters of the said test, the speaking assessment is the most complex part to get ready. Firms and colleges have their own standard score for this segment which makes taking it more tense and difficult. For the people to do this, here are some ideas on how to plan for the IELTS speaking examination.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

IELTS Training Programs to Aid Butchers Get a 5

The goal to locate much better career opportunities is never ending. People always find places of work wherein they are able to increase their chosen areas of study and at the same time earn for more money. Doing work in other countries is definitely an option for Filipinos. Working offshore has given Filipinos a more encouraging occupation and organizations overseas present better earnings. What makes this chance better is that it is not only for medical practitioners but to skilled workers like butchers too. And at the moment, the need for butchers in Australia is rising. It has opened a new door for butchers to boost their employment opportunities and find better occupations.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

JRooz Review Center Conducts Free IELTS Openhouse on March 22-23, 2013 Across All Branches in the Philippines

Philippines - JRooz Review Center will conduct a series of free IELTS openhouse on March 22 and 23, 2013 in all of its branches throughout the Philippines. The openhouse will be held simulteneously across all JRooz branches in Makati, Manila, Cebu, and Davao. The event will consist of free orientation and diagnostic exams. The IELTS orientation will start by 10Am-11AM and the diagnostic tests will be from 12NN to 4PM. The diagnostic test will extend to 6PM to 9PM on the 22nd.

The purpose of the IELTS orientation is to educate all Filipinos and other nationalities about the IELTS, which stands for the International English Language Testing System. IELTS had already opened a lot of doors to Filipinos in terms of employment, education, and migration to English-speaking countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom (UK).

Attendees will be able to get some good perks from JRooz Review Center including the PhP500 discount on the IELTS review fees. They will also get the chance to get another PhP500 discount if they bring some friends to the event. Apart from those discounts, the audience will get the chance to get free review slots if they wish to take the IELTS exam.

About JROOZ Review Center Inc.

The JROOZ REVIEW CENTER was established in 2001 in order to bring the best possible opportunity for Filipinos looking to reach the standards in the English language (IELTS and TOEFL IBT) that are required by many overseas universities, professional bodies and immigration departments.

The JROOZ REVIEW CENTER also trains students who wish to pass the Physical Therapists exams and become licensed Physical Therapists either in the Philippines (PT exam) or in the U.S. (NPTE exam).

The Center maintains branches in Makati, Manila, Cebu and Davao and has achieved an enviable record of successes through its highly-developed curriculum and its dedication to employing the best available instructors.

JROOZ Review Center Inc.


1514 Cityland Herrera Towers Valero cor. Rufino St. Salcedo Village, Makati City
(02) 813 7137 | (02) 846 4533 | 09178954671


6th Flr. Stanisco Tower 999 Pedro Gil cor. Felipe Agoncillo Sts. Ermita, Metro Manila
(02) 846 4532 | 09209519546 | 09178954671

Unit 1102 Metrobank Plaza F. OsmeƱa Blvd., Cebu City
(032) 266 2822 | (032) 236 6726 | 09178257669

Suite 2 Jaltan Bldg. C.M. Recto Corner Bonifacio Street, Davao City, 8000 Davao City
(082) 282 4479 | (082) 22-JROOZ | 09178941546


Monday, March 11, 2013

Stategies to Make Your Writing Ability Better

The majority of people do not like writing. Generally speaking, people are convinced writing essays or content articles are tiresome, uninteresting, and time consuming. Aside from that, there are plenty of things to check when you write. There is grammar, spelling, syntax, organization, and in many cases the flow of the points you are presenting in the essay. If some of these are compromised, then the article or the essay definitely won’t be successful and worthless. Taking a writing test, particularly the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System exam, can be fairly challenging when you are not fully prepared and completely ready. In IELTS review center in Davao, together with other review centers across the country, trainings are provided to make your writing ability the very best and obtain its optimum efficiency.

The Writing Task in the IELTS has two diverse areas. This is due to the IELTS test has two various sorts too – the Academic and the General Training. Whichever test a applicant for the IELTS takes, he or she needs to know some basic methods for the Writing task. Knowing these tips will help the prospect be more all set and well prepared in writing his or her essay.

To begin with, check the instruction attentively. In any test, if you do not know very well what the instructions asks you, of course your essay will not have the contents or the idea needed by the raters. You need to make sure that everything the questions request you to do is done. Never leave a particular task left unanswered for your score will likely be greatly influenced.

Then, once you understand the issue, plan what you are going to write. We are all aware that there is a limited time given in the writing task; nonetheless, allot two to three minutes to help you prepare your thoughts. Make an outline of what you are going to write and make certain that the flow of this outline will not likely make you or the rater confused.

Another thing you ought to be conscious of is if you are still on the right process. Meaning to say, check that you are still writing in line with the theme. At times, we write a lot that we only recognize once we are finished that what we have composed is entirely away from the subject matter. To avoid this, plan wisely and get ideas strongly related the task.

Finally, work with a trainer. This means that searching for an IELTS review location like the IELTS review center in Davao and other cities will be very valuable in giving you better expertise. Once the instructors are able to read your outputs, they will be giving information on the do’s and don’ts of your writing. They should help you on track.

Trying to get instruction and information for the IELTS is much vital. Find an IELTS review center right now.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Advice on Picking an IELTS Review Center

Planning to go in foreign countries, most significantly for Filipinos, for work or studies requires preparation of several requirements to hand in to the firms and research institutes they are attempting to obtain. Being a nation that speaks English as a second language, groups abroad demand a accreditation of a Filipino’s fluency in the English language. Therefore, Filipinos seek IELTS review Philippines to achieve this precondition. At the moment, there is a good deal of review centers that come with a wide range of review courses that seek to raise a client’s experience in the English language. With that in mind there are plenty of review centers at this time, choosing the best one is a must. Here are some tips that you can consider in deciding on an IELTS review center.

Most likely, client’s decide on an IELTS review center by reviewing the program courses they are offering. There are a variety of review centers offering different course plans. As a client, it is essential to opt for a package that you think is right for you. You will find programs that present unlimited time review in a acceptable price while some offer an intensive review that operates for a few weeks. Look at the gain and downside of this in order to make a selection.

One more thing to view is the quality of the educators in the review center. Be sure that they are generally around for the review and they are not ordinarily missing from work. Moreover, it’s going to be helpful if the mentors and personal trainers have already taken the real test. In this way, they will be able to associate and discuss experiences, tactics and practices that they used in excelling for the IELTS test. The standard of the guides is very vital mainly because they will be the one honing you to build and improve your expertise that are needed for the IELTS exam.

The location of the IELTS review center needs to be taken into consideration. Review centers should be found in parts that are of easy access. They ought to be in spots where it is pretty peaceful and easy to seek out. The review center needs to be very good for studying. Keep in mind that a review center is a position for learning so peaceful atmosphere ought to be discovered.

The IELTS review Philippines classes are especially built to meet the needs of the Filipino individuals to star the IELTS exam. Make sure to think about the suggestions stated previously and select the most effective review center for you.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Recommendations on Knowing Tasks on Maps in the IELTS Listening Exam

The listening part of the IELTS is viewed as one of the many most straightforward tasks in the examination in accordance with the people who have already taken the challenge of the real test. One reason that most individuals have said this is that Filipinos are accustomed to being attentive to interactions in English. Filipinos are extremely confronted with listening to the English language which is obvious because English has been used in any kinds of media – the TV, radio and most specifically on the Internet. In regards to taking a listening examination in the IELTS, Filipinos usually do not really have a hard time giving an answer to questions. Even so, you may still find some things to note to completely succeed in the listening test. An IELTS review like IELTS Cebu and other review facilities provide strategies to help applicants for the IELTS score high in the listening test.

Amongst the questions involved in the listening task concerns on maps. This sort of question generally requires directions or locating specific places on a map. Though this question might seem easy, but you may still find some methods that a candidate has to be equipped to be able to answer better and appropriately.

The very first thing an applicant must keep in mind is that having the general listening proficiency and techniques is still vital. Always remember that is needed to read and comprehend the question just before listening. Like this, the candidate will have a concept of what he or she is going to need for his or her solutions. As an illustration, if a word “road” is a part of the question, then the student should be able to recognize that he or she will be going to listen to an audio recording about directions or streets. That said, the prospect will be more equipped to listen and focus on the audio track more effectively.

When the track is played, ensure that you listen to it thoroughly. More often, the speaker will have a quick introduction on what he or she is going to tell about. If you ever already know what the speaker is going to do, then you already have an idea on the information that could come after. For example, if the question is about a excursion on a gallery or a urban center, quickly locate the starting point on the map and stick to the information being said on the audio track.

Question on maps on the IELTS listening task is a bit of tricky once you experience education provided by review centers like IELTS Cebu, Davao, and Manila. The more exercise you get from these review centers, the higher possibility of reaching your target scores.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Listen More Comfortable with the Proper IELTS Education

English has been a really important language. For years now, a considerable amount of non-English speaking nations have started understanding the language. Why is this so? The grounds behind this is that more and even more possibilities have initiated in English-speaking nations around the world like the United States of America, Canada, the Great Britain and Australia. It truly is for certain that these places provide far better chances especially in career development. Fortunately, Filipinos are good in utilizing the English language. Almost all people from the Philippines can talk, understand, listen and compose in the English language. This fact is evident as English has developed into a part of daily discussions of Filipinos. Nevertheless, people from the Philippines still need to take an English proficiency exam specifically the IELTS test to prove their fluency in the said language. (You can read this post to learn more about the benefits of taking the IELTS apart from testing one’s fluency in the English language). A very important factor the Filipinos may have problem in the test is the Listening section. This is why numerous review centers for IELTS in Cebu and other key cities are located.

The Listening segment is built to gauge the candidate’s comprehension of the whole recorded passage and particular data in the package. Furthermore you will be evaluated how well you possibly can follow the discussions in the audio tracks. You will find four challenging audio recordings in this part.

The Listening task seems to be more complex due to the numerous accents included in the audio tracks. It is possible to hear British accent, Australian accent and Northern American accent. For People from the Philippines, it is normal for us to listen to American accent. With the introduction of British accent, knowing the listening task could be a little challenging. Once going to an IELTS review center, you’ll be trained in these diverse accents. You are likely to hear activities expressed in numerous accents till you become accustomed to these accents. is to comprehend the accents cautiously because you need to get the right outline in the audio tracks.

Another thing review centers will train you is the skill in note-taking. You’ll be required to take notes in the exam and you ought to write notes in a particular number of words. This is very required for the talent in taking down notes isn’t only used in listening but as well as in reading. This skill is extremely critical so better be proficient at it for the real examination.

IELTS in Cebu and other key cities are available in various course packages. These types of courses are very made to meet the needs and the desired particular scores candidates need for their IELTS exam. Find the right program for you and refine your abilities for the IELTS.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Challenging The IELTS Through The Help Of Review Centers

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) gauges ones level in the use of the English language. Since it started, lots of people have taken it around the world. This has been one of the requirements of universities and global companies in foreign countries. Also, it is usually one requirement for immigration. In the Philippines, working professionals especially nurse practitioners who are applying in international locations like New Zealand and Australia need the IELTS score.

The Philippines is among the many countries that speak English as their second language. Many foreigners are easily astounded how good Filipinos are in speaking English. They even ask how Filipinos are able to speak the language well even if it is not the language we usually use at home. Thanks to our educational system – the use of English as among the mediums for teaching has been a very big help in developing our English capabilities. However, the IELTS test is not just an easy English test that our basic know-how on the English knowledge will not be enough. Hence, there are many IELTS Review Centers nationwide to help you.

These IELTS Review Centers offer you a wide-array of services to aid individuals improve their English skills. From skill building to developing techniques and strategies, IELTS Review Centers? Trainers and instructors gives you the very best materials and training. They will equip you with the right amount of info to excel in the IELTS Exams. There are IELTS review centers in Cebu, Davao and Manila. Three main cities with review centers that will enhance your skills in the English language.

IELTS Review Centers in Cebu, Davao and Manila offer distinctive plans that will suit your need to learn the things you need to have in taking the IELTS test. You can find unlimited reviews that seek to build up your level in certain weeks. Additionally, there are mock tests offered by these centers to evaluate your level and if you are already fine for the real tests. Various teachers and educators will coach you and direct you through the various types of test for the IELTS: reading, listening, speaking and writing. Each trainer is honed to offer you the best program suited for your preferences.

Whether you are a student dreaming of studying abroad or a working professional needing to land a good job abroad, the IELTS exam is all you need to show your future employers your English skills. Go online the online world today and discover for yourself the incredible things that the IELTS exam can help you with or check out the nearest IELTS Review Center in your areas now.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Be In Demand By Having An IELTS Certification

With the increasing number of individuals working abroad, the demand for an IELTS certification has also grown throughout the years. Lots of individuals have been planning to study or work in another country for better career possibilities. It is a fact that there’s a better career path working abroad and having a degree from a excellent university in another country. However, before working and studying, you have to present a accreditation that they are proficient in making use of the English language. Fortunately, the IELTS test makes it much easier for your application.

It’s not necessarily a real major issue for Filipinos to speak English. The Philippines is among the nations that could speak and understand English properly. However, realizing how to communicate and understand the language just isn’t enough once you have made a decision to take the IELTS test. In the Philippines, there is an IELTS review center in Manila that can help you increase your English immediately. Signing up for a review center exposes you to different strategies that make answering the questions in the exam less difficult. Though some review fees can be a little costly, the techniques and strategies you can attain will impress you. What’s more, you can never get these methods in answering with just by self-studying.

Filipinos can understand English; however, whenever we join review classes, we will be able to improve how we respond to questions and perform a talk well. In the IELTS Speaking test, the candidate will be speaking face-to-face with an interviewer and will be asked with a assortment of questions ranging from information that is personal to opinion-based questions. The fact that you are facing an actual enquerir can be nerve racking. By some means, through mock interviews provided in IELTS review centers, you will experience how a conversation goes and you will develop quick thinking and increase confidence in speaking before an interviewer.

An IELTS review center in Manila, Cebu, and Davao City seek to bring out the perfect in your English skills. Highly skilled people play a huge role in providing sessions that you may never get with self-studying. Moreover, you will be assured that you are prepared to take the test for they will be assessing your skills in a weekly basis until you are in shape to take the real test.

The demand abroad is increasing, so it is better to get the IELTS test as early as today. Use the web and look for the nearest IETLS review center close to you.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Purpose of IELTS - A Quick Overview of the IELTS Exam and Some Tips on How to Pass It

IELTS, also known as the International English Language Testing System, was established last 1989 and is managed by the IDP Education Pty. Ltd., British Council, and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations. It is an exam that measures the proficiency of a person with the use of the English language. People who take the IELTS are required to pass the four parts of the exam, which include listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

IELTS - General and Academic

There are two training versions of IELTS. These include the Academic Version and the General Training version. The academic version is for people who aim to study in English-speaking countries like the US, UK, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia. IELTS also served as a requirement for people who wanted to practice their professions, particularly those who are licensed medical professionals like doctors and nurses, in the said countries. On the other hand, the general training version is purely for non-academic purposes like for immigration requirements and for gaining work experiences.

General or Academic - Which is Which?

The decision on to what kind of training version you must choose depends on the purpose or the goal you are aiming at. If you wanted to get a student visa and wanted to practice your profession then the Academic training is for you. However, if you are planning to get a fiancee visa and wanted to migrate to any of those English-speaking countries with your foreign husband-to-be, then the general training version will definitely suit you. In case you don't know, the academic training version of IELTS is harder as compared to the general training version. Why is it harder to pass? The reason is that most universities and higher professional bodies require a higer bandwidth or score as compared to the general training. Also remember that several universities have different IELTS bandwidth or score requirements. Therefore, you need to check on the IELTS score requirements first before deciding to take and review for the IELTS exam.

To improve your chances of passing the IELTS exam, you need to dedicate some time to hone your English language skills. If necessary, you need to focus more attention to the part of the exam (speaking, listening, reading, writing), which you find it difficult. In other words, maintain your strength and improve your weaknesses. The best IELTS review center will be able to diagnose your English proficiency skills and with that, you will know what to focus and what to improve so that you can get more chances of passing the exam and get the bandwidth you are aiming for. It is also a wise idea to follow the guidelines of your IELTS lecturer and to have some IELTS review on your own. You can get a lot of resources on the internet, however, you need to check if they have the latest versions.