Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How much does an IELTS exam cost?

Are you a good English speaker?

Filipinos do not have a hard time understanding the English language. Used as one of the mediums of communication in the country, learning English for Filipinos has been easier as they are exposed to the language as early as kindergarten. Indeed, it is expected for Filipinos to excel in any English proficiency exam given to them.

One of the exams Filipinos usually take is the IELTS or the International English Language Testing System examination. These candidates take the IELTS because it is a requirement for their visa applications in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and even in America. People taking the IELTS feel great pressure in acing the test. Candidates need to develop skills that will help them understand the content of the exam. How much does a candidate have to pay to take the IELTS test?

Here is the current price in taking the IELTS test in the Philippines:

The British Council and the IDP are both agencies of the IELTS test. Many are wondering the difference between these two on the IELTS Test. In reality, the only difference between the two is the cost – the content of the exam is just the same. Further, the IELTS UKVI is a test designed for candidates who are applying for UK visas. The test centers for this exam is located in Manila and Cebu only.

What do candidates need to prepare when registering for the IELTS test? Here are the following requirements when registering for the examination.
  • Valid ID – The ID that is considered valid for the test is a passport. If the candidate has no passport, the candidate can present GSIS ID, SSS ID, or PRC ID. Driver’s license and TIN ID are not considered to be valid identification for the test. 
  • ID pictures – These will be used for filling. Your identity will be checked on the exam day, so be sure the photos are clear and new. 
  • A complete registration form – Be sure to fill in all the details in this form. Failure to comply may forfeit your examination. 
How to prepare for the exam day?
  • Improve your vocabulary. It is best to read a lot to learn new words that can be used for both speaking and writing. Also, you can watch movies and TV series to learn word expressions that are commonly used in the English language. 
  • Review your grammar. This is especially true for the speaking and writing tests. Good grammar means good score. 

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