Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How Much Would I Pay for IELTS Remarking

Taking the IELTS test is one of the most unforgettable exams I have taken in my life. The anxiety I had when I took the test even exceeded the one I felt when I took my nursing licensure examination. It was earlier this year that I decided to work in Australia. One of the requirements that I needed to comply was the IELTS certification. I need an overall band score of 7.0 with a score of at least 7.0 in each subtest. I thought it was an easy test, then reality slapped me real hard.

Browsing online, a find useful websites where I practiced reading and listening. I was a little weak on reading as I hate the activity itself. Yet, I had to push myself in studying. Speaking and writing were the reasons why I enrolled in an IELTS review center. It was a challenge to practice speaking and writing alone. I needed help, and I was thankful with the great mentors I had in my review center. They never failed to point out my strengths and give me advice on how to improve my weaknesses. My writing got really better, and I could say that I really improved a lot. A couple of months after, I took the real IELTS examination.

A couple of weeks passed, then I checked my score online. . I got my target scores for reading, listening, and speaking. You cannot imagine the disappointment I had on my face when I had a 6.5 score in my writing test. I was really sure that I did well in the examination. The graphs were easier to interpret and the second task was something I was very familiar with. You could say that I was really confident that I could get a 7.0 or even better in the test, but I did not. I consulted with my teachers, and they advised me to get a remarking.

The remarking is done when a candidate is not happy with the results given in speaking and writing. Reading and listening are usually not remarked for they have fixed answers. I made applied for a review at my test center. It is important to remember that remarking should be done within six weeks of the date shown in your Test Report Form. What happens in the remarking is that the paper or recording is sent to their head office and it will be remarked by skilled people who are not aware of your previous score. Reminder: the remarking is not for free. There is a fee to be made which usually depends on your test location. In my case, I paid about PhP 4000 pesos to have it remarked.

The result was given after six weeks, and I was really happy to see that my score became 7.0. Plus, the remarking fee was fully refunded (it only happens when the band score changes). I was able to apply and now I am working in Australia.

Here is a piece of advice: Make sure that you are confident with your answers when you have them remarked. There is a fee to be paid which will not be refunded when there is no change in your score after remarking. 

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