Monday, July 18, 2016

Don’t Leave Bad Impression, Write Legibly

 International English Language Testing System or IELTS, is an English Language Proficiency test that is accepted worldwide and is required for non-native speakers who wish to study or work in countries where the medium of instruction is English. IELTS Review Center in Manila runs short IELTS Course to prepare you for taking the IELTS exam. An IELTS Course corresponds to the qualifications a student needs to achieve a high band score. IELTS Review Center in Manila, particularly, has been helping students achieve the highest score in the test.

IELTS Review Center 

 More than the lessons in English proficiency, an IELTS Course also focus on technical know-how which also includes the importance of writing legibly. IELTS Writing tests the applicant’s ability to produce pieces of writing in a short period of time. They should be able to write 150 words in Task 1 and 250 words for Task 2.

In IELTS Writing Task 1, applicants are expected to write a descriptive report based on the information given, and the graphic and diagrammatic forms presented. In the second task, most of the topics are of general interest. This is to assess the applicants’ ability to produce a logical argument and a clear presentation of their views.

Pay attention on your handwriting. You cannot assume that anybody can read someone else’s handwriting. That’s why IELTS Review Center in Manila makes sure that you practice writing neatly and clearly. A poor or messy writing is not a basis in getting a good band score, but the examiner should be able to read what you have written without undue difficulty.

Writing in cursive or non-cursive is not a problem in IELTS. But make sure you use what you are most comfortable with because you need to write fast. Show your family and friends if your writing is legible. If not, you need to think of how to write more neatly and practice it.

Although there really is no restrictions, it still best to write in block letters. While cursive may seem pleasing to the eyes, not everyone is comfortable reading cursive. The problem with cursive writing style in IELTS, there is a greater chance that the examiner may fail to understand different words because of joint pattern. If this happens, you may reduce your chance of getting a high score in IELTS Writing.

Practice writing legibly by taking down notes in paper during classes. And make sure that the pen you use is dark enough.

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