Friday, August 5, 2016

5 Essential Ingredients Every IELTS Taker Needs

The IELTS review in the Philippines has seen a significant increase in enrollees for the past few years. Further, with the introduction of IELTS UKVI, Filipinos who wish to work and study in the UK seek top standards IELTS UKVI review. While many of these IELTS test takers are fully informed about essential skills that come in handy for the exam, there are still quite a number of people who have no idea what they should build for the exam.

The IELTS is an English proficiency examination that has been an important requirement to work or study visas. As a necessary requirement, IELTS test candidates give time and effort to attend IELTS review in the Philippines to reach their score requirements. For IELTS UKVI applicants, the fee is much more expensive, thus giving them the extra encouragement in doing well with the IELTS UKVI review.

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For IELTS test candidate’s preparation, below are five ingredients (or essentials) that one must know to get a good grade on the IELTS test

1.    Great comprehension skills
Comprehension is one of the secret ingredients in the IELTS examination. Every candidate must rely on their comprehension skills to understand reading passages, audio recordings, speaking tasks, and writing tasks. Without better comprehension, the quality of responses is highly compromised. Directly answering the task requirements results to a good score; thus, every candidate should build and improve comprehension skills.

2.    Time management
Candidates are not given the leisure of time in finishing the sections of the test. Most of the time, an hour is given for the reading to complete. Good time management comes in handy with this situation. Make sure not to stay too long thinking of an answer in a particular question. Mark the number and proceed with the other questions. Go back to these numbers once you are done with all the questions. It is better this way, to be able to cover a lot of questions with sure answers. Time management is also needed in writing wherein candidates have to allot time to come up with an outline prior to writing their essays.

3.    Vocabulary
Familiarity with British English vocabulary is essential for the test. Since most Filipinos are familiar with American English vocabulary, in an IELTS review in the Philippines, students are introduced to some words in British English. This is particularly helpful for candidates in the IELTS UKVI review program to build their vocabulary skills.

4.    Grammar skills
This is particularly important for speaking and writing. Responses for both these sections should be always use good grammar. What candidates need to review on is the rules on subject and verb agreement, verb tenses, punctuations, and sentence structure.

5.    Confidence
When one is confident with their skills, nothing can go wrong with the speaking test. Usually, candidates are overwhelmed with the presence of the interviewer. As a result, they lose confidence with their answers. It is necessary to have strong confidence in using the English language. In this way, the responses come out naturally and logically.

These five ingredients are the basic essentials when reviewing for the IELTS test. If you have decided to take the IELTS test, expose yourself to the English language as early as today.

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