Monday, November 7, 2016

15 steps for your IELTS preparation

Are you looking for some tips on how to get ready for the IELTS examination? Well, you are lucky since I have some practical steps on IELTS preparation. Like most IELTS test candidates, I was having cold feet about taking the examinations. I had practically no idea on what the test was all about, or why should I take the examination. The good thing about the IELTS review center in Davao I got was the teachers were very accommodating to my questions.

ielts review center

With the knowledge I have about IELTS, here are the steps I did in my IELTS preparation.

1.    Get some information about the IELTS. What I did before was research online about the IELTS. There are some helpful facts about the exam that somehow cleared my mind about the examination and the IELTS training. It was not really all clear to me, so I did the second step.

2.    Look for IELTS review centers within your city. Being in Davao City, I had a few options of where to go to inquire about the IELTS. I wrote down their names, contact numbers, and addresses.

3.    Call and inquire about the review. With all the numbers of IELTS review center in Davao, I called a few and compared their prices and finally decided on one that is near my apartment. Always consider the proximity of the test center for more convenience.

4.    Know what module you are taking. The IELTS has two modules for different purposes – Academic and General Training. The review center will ask you which of these you have to take because they have differences in their reading and writing sections.

5.    Choose a schedule that fits you best. I was working in a hospital the time I took my review. Night classes were more convenient for me and weekends as they were my off from work.

6.    Read the manuals in advanced. The manuals are given upon enrollment. Read about them to get an idea what you would be doing in class.

7.    Learn new words. Vocabulary is important in the IELTS. You get to understand reading and listening passages better and create speaking and writing responses more logical with a good command in the vocabulary.

8.    Watch a lot of English movies or programs. You will get to improve your listening skills when you expose yourself to these. I trained myself with watching BBC news. It was a challenge but really helpful.

9.    Review your grammar. I had difficulty with my sentence construction that I asked some friends of mine to help me. Also, I was very happy that the IELTS review center in Davao had grammar classes.

10.    Practice writing essays. These essays need not to be on a serious topic. Start writing essays that you feel like writing. The goal here is to improve the development of ideas for an essay.

11.    Find a speaking a partner. Friends could be good speaking partners. You can talk about anything using the English language. You get to improve your skills and develop your confidence as well.

12.    Attend classes often. Classes are divided into lectures and practices. Attending on both increases your skills in no time.

13.    Make sure to attend speaking mock exams. This is a good time to get feedback from your instructors. I was able to know my weaknesses through their honest opinions.

14.    Take the weekly mock exams. You will know if you are ready for the exam with your consistent results in the exam. Instructors will also give advice whether you are ready for the test or not.

15.    Practice at home. Do not depend everything on the instructors. Review at home!

These 15 steps helped me make it through the challenging IELTS review. With good IELTS training, nothing can stop you from reaching your target score.

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