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Characteristics of an Excellent IELTS Review Center

No one can fail the IELTS exam. Though there is no established passing or failing mark, the test results can open a lot of opportunities abroad. Many test takers dedicate months to prepare for the exam to acquire their desired band scores. While self-studying is the most convenient review method, enrolling in a training facility is the most advantageous. IELTS specialists can guide students through their preparations in a way that no amount of self-researched courses can.

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Selecting a review center for IELTS, however, is not an easy task. There are numerous IELTS review centers in Manila, Makati, Cebu, Davao and other parts of the Philippines. Many claim that they can guarantee excellent results. Then again, to ensure quality service, you must see through the marketing ploys and identify the credible training facilities.

To help you sort the good facilities from the bad, here are the characteristics of an excellent review center for IELTS to look for:

High Band Score Rate
A good review institution can produce test takers who accomplish high band scores in the exam.
A better review institution, on the other hand, can produce evidence of these achievements. Many IELTS training facilities entice examinees by claiming to have a 100% passing rate. Always take such bold statements with a grain of salt. Ask for evidence that supports their claim.  Centers with nothing to hide are more than happy to entertain your queries. 
Competent Review Curriculum
Review courses vary depending on coaching centers. Some facilities attract examinees with “unlimited” training programs and “effective” study curriculum. Unlimited IELTS preparation discussions are not always the most beneficial. The absence of an established schedule can promote complacency among students, repetitions of lessons and unreliable assessments of a student’s progress. Look for review centers for IELTS that observe an established timetable. Ask for an overview of their subject materials and gauge if their lesson development is productive and reasonable.
IELTS Specialists
Search for a review facility that employs test experts or certified IELTS passers. While English or Communication graduate teachers can provide quality linguistic lessons, they cannot give you significant pointers that only test passers know. IELTS specialists are familiar with the exam format and its components.  They can tell you which lessons to focus on, assess your language abilities and correct mistakes.
High Number of Enrollees
The number of students that review centers for IELTS can be considered a reflection of the facility’s credibility and competency. Most test takers found their training facility through referrals. The fact that a friend or family member trusts a center enough to recommend it speaks volumes about that company’s services. However, be wary of review institutions that advertise their high numbers.  Such figures, after all, bear no weight if a class only contains a maximum 15 students. Always verify their reasons for limiting their acceptance of enrollees. 
Convenient Location
Select a review center in a strategic location. It would be counterproductive if you feel exhausted during your classes due to a time-consuming travel route. Choose the training facility that is closest to your residence. There are competent IELTS review centers in Manila, Makati, Cebu, Baguio and Davao.
Reasonable Tuition Fee
Some training facilities charge low to attract more students. Bear in mind such centers may not offer quality services given their cheap fees. Canvass tuition charges from different review institutions. Remember that you should choose review centers for IELTS for the quality of their services and not for their low prices.
To summarize, an excellent preparation center should have established high band rates, systematic review curriculums, IELTS specialists and credible figures. Likewise, it should be at an advantageous location and available at a reasonable, not necessarily cheap, fees.  Studying in a competent review center for IELTS can certainly improve your band score results.

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