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IELTS Hacks: Fun Ways to Prepare for the Speaking Test

Enrolling in a review center for IELTS can elevate your chances of securing your desired band score. Excellent IELTS training facilities, such as the JRooz review center, offer comprehensive courses that cover the entirety of the high-stakes exam.

The JRooz review center instructors utilize up-to-date mock tests and preparatory materials to help their students acclimate to the demands of the language assessment. Like other credible review center for IELTS, JRooz facilities provide various IELTS training packages that can fit your schedule and tackle your linguistic shortcomings.

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Review center for IELTS courses also delves into the specifics of each section. Instructors can focus on a particular component depending on the strengths and weaknesses of their students. The Speaking test, for instance, is considered as one of the most difficult parts of the IELTS examination. Since it is the last component, your cognitive abilities may not be as sharp as it was when you took the Listening exam. The on-the-spot information internalization and impromptu answer construction also make it an intimidating activity.

Maximize your preparation period for the Speaking assessment. Here are some fun verbal communication-enhancing activities that you can engage in during your free time.

•    Engage in character emulations. Select an expressive English-speaking television or movie character and try to mimic their verbal diction and mannerisms. Not only will this practice help loosen your tongue to enunciating accented English but it will also help you instill tone and emotion to your statements.

•    Engage in impromptu English translations activities. In relation to the previous exercise, find a movie or television program in your native language. Watch each particular scene and translate the conversations into English. You can enjoy this activity with a friend.

•    Engage in an image or events-describing discussion. This activity is best done with a friend. Select a random photograph of an object, place, person, or event and try your best to describe it to your conversation partner. This can be a fun game where you can take turns with your discourse partner in guessing what subject is being described. The one who can infer the most concepts fastest wins.

    Engage in story-telling activities. Similar to the previous exercise, hone your verbal communication skills by telling stories to your conversation partner. Select stories that both you and your discourse companion are not familiar with; understand the tale inside out, and narrate the events in the most compelling way you can. Take turns and explore various genres. It does not matter if the topics you chose are fiction or nonfiction. Your oral communication skills will improve either way.

•    Engage in situational conversations. Put yourself in other people's shoes. Construct a situation and take turns with your conversation companion in discussing how you would act or react to the circumstance in question. From serious morality issues such as abortion and death penalty to mundane everyday tasks lie what to buy in grocery, there is no limit to the topics that you can examine. If you ever run out of ideas, grab a book from your bookshelf, turn to a random page, and read out the passage printed. Put yourself in the character's shoes and figure out what you would do in his/her situation.

Take a step closer to reaching your desired band score for the IELTS Speaking exam. Make the most out of your training period by engaging in the fun speaking activities mentioned above.


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