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The Student's Diet: Seven Veggies You Should Eat to Develop Mind Muscles

Whether you are preparing for a regular classroom exam or an international assessment, reviewing will always be a mentally taxing challenge.

Maximizing your preparation time is the key to test success. For instance, if you are taking the IELTS exam for UK visa purposes, enrolling in an IELTS UKVI review center is one of the best ways of making the most out of your training period. However, while attending a test preparation facility like JROOZ Review Center can certainly boost your chances of acquiring your band score goals, weeks of extensive studying can cause cognitive exhaustion.

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You will not be able to concentrate and retain information if you review when you are mentally drained. Avoid this study dilemma by eating nutritious food that will not only sharpen your memory but will also boost your thinking skills. Power up your study efforts by including the following brain-empowering veggies in your daily meals:

One of the top brain-boosting foods around the world, this small veggie offers various mental and physical benefits. Its high levels of vitamin K and choline enhance logical thinking, mental agility and memory. Broccoli also lowers the risk of developing age-associated diseases.

Sweet Potato
Replace regular potatoes with their sweeter counterparts when cooking your starchy dishes. This root crop does not only promote better cognitive performance but also improve overall physiological wellness and longevity. Its nutritional properties include polyphenols, vitamins A, C, E and B-6, which combat age-related mental deterioration.

Loaded with vitamin K, a nutrient associated with mental health empowerment, cauliflower simultaneously enhances cognitive performance and motor coordination.  It also contains other antioxidants like choline, which staves off physiological problems caused by age and mental exhaustion.

Red cabbage
A salad staple around the world, this leafy veggie is an excellent source of vitamins A and C, which strengthen your immune system and eyesight. It also ensures that your brain gets sufficient oxygen—thereby enhancing your memory retention and concentration—by improving blood circulation.

The gradual decline of sufficient blood flow to the brain brought about by old age usually causes mental deterioration. Beets are full of naturally occurring nitrates that bolster your circulatory system. Ensuring that your brain gets enough oxygen clears the mind and enhances your learning capacity.

Eggplants contain a wide range of vitamins and minerals that are essential for physiological development and wellness. They are an excellent source of fiber, iron, calcium and other phyto nutrients that strengthen your immune system, digestive system and circulatory system. Consuming this purple veggie also boosts your information processing skills, memory retention and concentration.

Soybeans are rich in peptides, a compound that increases the production of neurotransmitters.  Neurotransmitters are chemicals responsible for relaying messages to your brain cells. Aside from its brain-boosting benefits, consuming soybeans also reduces stress and cholesterol, which lowers the risk of developing circulatory conditions.

Reviewing for an international assessment like the IELTS is a challenging and mentally exhausting task.

Whether you are preparing under the guidance of an IELTS UKVI review center like the JROOZ Review Center or simply self-studying, supplementing your training efforts with a diet involving these veggies will definitely help you absorb information better. Eating these vegetables will keep your mind in good condition to absorb, retain and apply lessons that are crucial for your IELTS UKVI success.

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