IELTS Reading Exam Strategies for Fill in the Gaps

IELTS Reading Test: Fill in the Gaps

Fill in the gaps is one of the question types in the IELTS reading test. In this reading question type, your task is to fill in all the gaps of a summary from a written text or in a table. Each gap may require you to place more than one word from the box containing various words from which you can choose from and select your answer.

Since it requires a comprehensive understanding of the word order, sentence structure, and lexical resource, most IELTS test takers find the fill in the gaps questions as the most challenging part of the reading test.

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IELTS Reading Exam Strategies for Fill in the Gaps

As a test taker enrolled in an IELTS review center Philippines, it is essential to seek for different test-taking techniques and strategies that can help you ace this question type. To help you accomplish this, read and follow these superb reading exam strategies for fill in the gaps:

Before the Exam

1.            During your review classes at the IELTS review, take the opportunity to answer practice test and other exercises of the reading test.

2.            Maximize your study time reading various books and other reading materials. Doing this helps you understand the appropriate word order in a sentence and boost your vocabulary.

3.            Most students enrolled in an IELTS review center Philippines join group study session to learn more test-taking techniques on how to handle various types of question in the IELTS test including the fill in the gaps questions.

During the Exam

      1.    Read first the summary containing the gaps to get its overall gist and other essential information that you can use to fill in each gap.

      2.    Scan the text and look for various keywords or key phrases, supporting facts and figures, and other vital details.

      3.    List down all the information you found in the text. Use the paper provided by the examiner to organize your notes.

      4.    Reread the summary and think about what part of speech fits on each gap. For instance, if you know that Gap #1 is a noun, place an “N” beside it.

      5.    Answer each gap using the information you’ve gathered from the text and the labeled part of speech you’ve indicated.

      6.    Don’t waste too much time answering just one question. It is best to maximize your time by filling in the easier gaps first.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the nearest IELTS center and begin your IELTS journey today. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more exclusive test-taking strategies and review tips.


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